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weird dream...

I had a weird Regal dream last night... not that you're interested, but I'll share anyway.

We were really slow and I was ushering-- it was during one of those usher breaks so I decided to come back and help concession. I notice that all the managers are placing popcorn in those buckets that we use to rid popcorn but I think nothing of it. So I get my candy, talk to Melissa, and walk up to the counter. I realize that there is no longer a door person and the ropes outside were put away. All the sudden there comes a mad line of people. Like it was wall to wall with people. So one of our police officers is tearing tickets and sending them to concession. The trouble is that none of our customers speak English, they all speak Russian. At the time (in my dream) we only have two employees who can translate. So I spent most of my dream listening to the customers and then turning and staring at this boy (who doesn't work at Regal in real life, I've never seen him before) who has to translate every order into English... fun stuff.
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