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OK! THIS IS SOME BULL-A-MA-SHIT! OVER 2 weeks ago i changed me schedule. I told them (quite nicely i remember too) that i can no longer work saturdays until after 6 because of a class i now have. Sharron said "Write it down and it will be fine". Ok, i did this. Yet last sat i was scheduled to work "2-cl". HHHMMMMMM anyone see the problem with this? Ok, so i told Lynn. "well mr. click i saw that but i had just made the schudule before hand so you need to find someone to cover it". WHHHHAAAAAAAA???????????????? :Jaw drops:. I'm pissed! I looked and the only person NOT working already was daniel green. Oh man i don't wanna do this its rude. he could be in school, or out of town. Or he could be at a funeral and i am so selfish as to ask him to cover for me and why? because someone fucked up and now its MY responsiblity. OK, so i called him.....no answer, I felt bad. I called him again at school on the advising of friends. He answers......and is out of town. I felt really bad. Said NO i am not calling anyone else like that its just plain RUDE. I called that day and told them i couldn't come in and jennifer said ok. And i come in Sunday and am written up. I am going to talk to sharron about this. ITS WRONG! And if she did it to me then she could do it to YOU. Sharron probably won't side with me......and if thats the case then at this next meeting oh yeah. I AM BRINGING IT UP! How is any of what happened fair? Makes no sense what-so-ever to me. LOL! i should have had Joe from school call. I bet he will want to even more now. Ya'll don't know but Joe hates employers and when they do shit like that he gets mad (plus he is a good friend so he was really mad). He was like "Click, let me call them. I'll bitch them out for you". LOL, he would. He'd be like "hey, what the fuck. Click said he can't work. Are you fuckin' stupid. How can you be a manager and not read?" AHAHA! Joe rocks.

But yeah. that crap. that really makes me mad. thats the only time that i've really thought that regal sucks. I'm gonna try to get a job giving guitar lessons or something now i think. I'd make more and it would be more fun. I'm gonna call regal around 11 or 12. If anyone wants to see me go in and bitch to sharron (if she is there) i'll probably do so around 12:30 - 1. Ok, i'm done
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