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Jay's Rap - "Regal Remix"

(For anyone who hasn't seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, you may not get this. But you'll like it anyway.)

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck

Mother mother fuck

Mother mother fuck fuck

Mother fuck mother fuck noinche noinche noinche

1,2, 1234

Noinche Noinche Noinche

Doin chores, doin chores

Stockin cups, changin cheese

Changin cheese, cheese cheese

Makin popcorn, sellin combos

Who sold the combos?

We sold the combos

Regal sucks, little man

You just don't understand

If my time and a half doesn't show

Then they owe me owe me owe

My mousey love


That trap is gonna kill ya kill ya

Yeah what!
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