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So I'm typing my el_cine post up before I edit for customers_suck...

I got in at 4 today and I can't clock in cause obviously it's not expecting me at 4. So I go searching for a time card... Lynn is on door. I'm confused. Doesn't Christine work today I think as Lynn grins. You're going to take door...right? she asks....

As if it's a question. Ha!

So Brian goes with the handy time card and does the beepdiddlyeeep thing and I clock in. And take door. For the next two hours.

So... It's me Cindy Lynn and occasionally Brian and Nathan as the only visible members of staff.

Lynn and Brian and Nathan all practice constant disappearing acts.

So I tear tickets smiling cause "It sucks to be me" stuck in my head.

Cindy's line grows large. Seven people long maybe...

The baseball card guy, who I will be coming back to, is standing behind me passing out Mr.3000 Baseball cards. This lady in green palm leaf pants turns from her place as second in line behind a family of seven and yells, I assume, at me.

Her: Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!!
Me: Is there something I can help you with? *turned around from podium, not going to walk over to her like she gestures for me to do*

She huffs and turns around. I shrug and tear two more tickets to Super Babies.

She gets out of line and walks up to the baseball card man. Now, keep in mind I'm not listening to her cause as far as I'm concerned she already used her "belligerent customer" car with me and she can't pass go and collect 200 dollars.

Then I hear her say this ... "Sir, you need to be aware you are losing customers by not opening up more lines. When oyu have lazy floor staff doing nothing *she points at me* they can be helping the CUSTOMER gaining MONEY for your customer."

The card man goes" Erm...well, ma'am..but I don't work here.."

She comes around the Crown Club table and glares at me "Well did the young lady hear me?"

And because my docile temper is easily inflated by ....dear customers who dare insinuate there is a lazy damn bone in my body i feign ignorance.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, is there something I can help you with?"
"Yes you can get your manager so I can let him know how lazy everyone here is. You need another line..." she just gearing up and thankfully Lynn is coming out with Matt to get him on aregister. So ...I cut her off through clenched teeth.

"Well ma'am my manager is just opening up another register as it is change of shift so if you don't want to lose your place in line you can GO NOW. HAVE a NICE day..." she walked off and i added once she was safley away i promise "bitch".

Please, let all know that our valued customer we were going to lose because of our seven person long line *discluding children* bought a small drink. The loss of that sale would have put the company in bankruptcy. We should be ashamed of almost letting her slip through our fingers.

Now...back to the baseball card man. His entire family was there. They spent thirty minutes at the service desk waiting for Brian to get Sharon to tell him whether he should let them do their stuff or not. Anyways, as they're standing there, his oldest little girl dances for the ceiling mirror.

I kid you not. She is trying to dance like some miniature Britney Spears while her head is tilted and watching herself in the ceiling.

After she tires herself of that she goes over to the lowest part of our service desk. she looks around and then takes one of each of our brochures and moves them to the other holders...effectively destroying any semblence of organization they had.

After creating her masterpiece of distruction she turns to see me glaring my "i-love-little-kids-but-only-when-they're-sleeping" glare and i swear to God the eyes of a demon lit up and she smiled then let out this little laugh. one of the few kids i feel comfortable calling a evil crotchdropping.
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