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Welcome to Avenue Q

They did not need me tonight. I promise you.

God.. all I did was in backwards order tear tickets for 2 hours, clean the bathroom, go on break, walk ALL the theaters myself (only to have Jonathan go behind me for two), clean a couple theaters, take out trash.

I didn't clean all that much...There weren't a lot of people there tonight. And I was bored.

I just wanted to go home and Browning....*sigh*....it took me five minutes to find him and five minutes to get him to decide to give me the key to the tensabarrier room. And because of his letting everyone but me and wilson go on break we only had Minich (who is back everyone!!) and Thomas cleaning for ten minutes during the Hour of Hell.

But, Minich is back. His hair is..erm...different.

But every customer was like...strangely polite. I got thanked for cleaning popcorn in the halls, I got compliments on my "Customer Voice" (whatever that is), Lynn didn't yell loudly hardly at all, and cute guys were plentiful.

Life was semi okay besides my constant mantra of I wanna go home all night.
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