KtDiD (cellobugkt) wrote in el_cine,

Erm... I think Lynn got me confused with Cate.

Joe called...at least I think thats what my dad grunted at me and asked I call Regal back.

So I did.

And talked to Lynn. She starts the conversation off with I know you're not usually available on Fridays..."....But...I am. Always available on Fridays. Since like...forever. Always.

Then shes like yeah we need you to work the 19th and the 20th. I say okay on the 19th but no on the 20th. I RTOed that yo. S'my mom's birthday party yeah?

So I'm working 5-cl on friday the 19th unless she realizes her mistake.

I should have said something but... I didn't. Sue me.

EDIT: Wasn't Cate she mixed me up with. Could be Diane though. You're not available on Fridays are you Diane? They might want you to work. lol
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